Community Support

One of the unique features that NAPW offers is that each and every member, thru her membership, automatically becomes a powerful contributor, impacting her community and making it better!

At the end of every quarter, NAPW reviews memberships and renewals that occurred in the previous quarter, and generously sets aside a total of 25% of the monies generated. Of the 25%, half (or 12.5%) is donated to the nonprofit that the members voted on to be that previous quarters’ recipient of our quarterly donation. The other half (12.5%) is given as a gift certificate to the member that recruited the most new members during that same previous quarter. The top winner for the prior quarter may choose any of the other members’ businesses, and NAPW will make the gift certificate payable to the business member of their choice. We believe in sponsoring and investing in our ladies, and creating synergistic energy throughout our organization.

This quarterly practice of donation and recognition encourages our spirit of growth. It help develops strong referral relationships, allowing each member to easily and fully develop business and referral relationships within the group.

Here are some Nonprofit organizations we have donated money to: