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My name is Heidi Thompson and I live in Rohnert Park. I’ve been married for 22 wonderful years and have three adult children. I’ve always had a passion for helping people in all walks of life. I enjoy helping people that know they need help and ask, those that don’t know to ask and those that don’t even know they need help. It doesn’t matter to me how it comes to me, it brings me great joy to help anyone around me that will accept my gift of service.
I was introduced to “The World’s Best Hemp Oil” while going through a season of anxiety and depression caused by an unhealthy work environment. In just a few months, it helped to balance the way my mind and body processed things, allowing me to live free from those problems. I knew this was a huge opportunity for me to give back and help other people experience some relief from their own personal issues with health. If you have minor pain, muscle, joint or cartilage issues, trouble sleeping or calming your mind, focus, stress or tension, memory issues, abnormal cell growth, immune, endocrine, or nervous system imbalances, or a host of other issues, we need to talk.
I’ve also realized the importance of drinking alkaline water due to the toxic world that we live in, the stress around me, and my occasional poor food choices. Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis is vital to our health. Water carries nutrients to cells, helps with digestion, flushes out toxins, helps prevent headache and fatigue, and can even aid in weight loss or maintenance. Not only does it give me four different pH levels of drinking water, it also produces three more types of water that are beneficial for anti-oxidizing, disinfecting, removing pesticides from produce, toning skin, along with so many other uses!
I am an entrepreneur that would be honored to answer any questions you may have about hemp oil or water and what they did to change my life. I have access to resources that can help you become the best version of yourself. Call me and let’s have a coffee/tea date. I can’t wait to meet you and hear your story!
Thompson Enterprises
Phone: 707-529-3601
Email: bestnanohempoil@gmail.com
Website: http://healthylivingproducts.primemybody.com

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