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Commitment, Integrity, Compassion.

Just three little words, but they mean so much. Paula Reinhold of Stearns Lending knows the value of each of those words and it shows. With a background in credit reporting and marketing for many years before deciding to enter the mortgage industry, her experiences left her with a vast amount of knowledge in customer service. “I also worked in accounting,” she says. “So the mortgage industry made sense as the perfect culmination of all my experience. I like numbers and I love helping people.” Paula is also well versed in helping repair credit and in future purchase planning.

Paula has an innate desire to make a difference in the lives of her customers, working hard to give each client the best mortgage lending experience possible. “I want to give them the right loan, not just any loan,” she says adding, “I have seen so many people’s financial futures ruined by bad lending practices and I am committed to educating my clients and working with them to find out what their specific needs and goals are.

Paula also cares about the future of her community. A resident of Sonoma County since 1989, Paula believes that giving back is the responsibility of every successful businessperson. She previously served on the board of the Education Foundation of Cotati and Rohnert Park, where she held positions as treasurer and two terms as president. Paula also served as PTA president at Rohnert Park’s Monte Vista Elementary School, Mountain Shadows Middle School, and Technology High School.

An active Rotarian, Paula earned the coveted Rotarian of the Year from her club in 2005, served as her club’s president in 2008-2009 and is currently finishing a two-year term as Assistant Governor, responsible for 3 clubs in Petaluma and 2 clubs in Rohnert Park/Cotati. In 2006, Paula and her husband were presented with the Sonoma County Spirit Award in recognition of their personal contributions and leadership qualities that inspire others. That year, she was also honored as Volunteer of the Year for Service Groups/Non-Profits. “Earning each of those was a special honor,” she says. “But I looked around at all that had been done by others and realized just how much there is left to do. It was very humbling.” Paula has either worked on or organized many events and volunteer projects in her community including the Education Foundation’s Sharing of the Green fundraiser, a homeless assistance project in Rohnert Park and most recently Rotary’s Helping Hands Senior Assistance project. One day each month, Rotarian teams help seniors with small fix-it tasks they can no longer do on their own. Paula is a visible, committed example of benevolence in Sonoma County.

“I want to make a difference in people’s lives,” she says. “Whether it’s through my volunteer work or through educating my clients on the best loan product for them, I want to have a positive impact on those around me.” That’s why time and time again, Paula finds that her business is centered on referrals. Once people work with her and experience the difference, they feel comfortable referring their friends and family to her for all of their lending needs. Part of that stems from her hands on approach. “I stay in touch with my clients and my REALTOR partners regularly keep them updated on the lending process and the current lending environment,” she says. And she has formed close bonds with the REALTORS she works with. “They know that I am taking good care of their clients, that’s why they send them to me.”

Paula Reinhold is married to her husband of 29 years and has two grown sons. In her spare time she loves being with her family, traveling, reading, and enjoying their Sonoma Mountain property.

Paula’s close personal connection to the community and to the unique individual needs of each of her clients makes her the sensible choice.
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