Sandra Gylfe

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Sandra Gylfe is a Damsel In Defense Pro. She teaches women & men on how to use Damsel In Defense self-defense tools. Sandra has been a Sergeant in a volunteer program at a local Police Department for more than 10 years. She and her husband Don, who has been a Reserve Police Officer from the same local Police Department, have patrolled together on Saturday nights. In fact, along with Sandra and Don, their two daughters also volunteered at same department together for a portion of the time. They were named “Team Gylfe” by the department. Sandra, her husband, and oldest daughter all attended the police academy together at Santa Rosa Junior College. This experience in law enforcement is what gives Sandra her drive to pursue her current avenue to empower people to learn to defend themselves.

Sandra has been featured in the WorldWide Women Foundation & Summer Solstice Spirited Woman Top 12 Pick List.

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