Thank you for your interest in the Northbay Alliance of Professional Women. Below are some testimonials from our members.

“Northbay Alliance of Professional Women is the BEST networking group I have ever joined in my 32 years of business networking!” -Debra Shine, Founder of Flagship

“Northbay Alliance of Professional Women has been a great resource for networking and growing my business as well as growing personally. I love that we support our local community and contribute to the efforts of local non-profits with a portion of our membership dues. Women network differently than men, and I love being able to invite other women I meet to attend for networking and business growth opportunities. I’ve been inspired by the many women I’ve met through this organization and look forward to it’s continued growth!!” -Sharon Bricker-Ferris, Primerica

“Having lunch every month with my business friends and associates is extremely fun and has grown my referral business over time! NAPW has great female energy that draws me in over and over again!” -Monica Moura, Primerica

“NAPW has been an important part of my life. I have developed many personal and business relationships through my involvement with this incredible group of ladies.” -Paula Reinhold, Stearns Lending

“I joined The North Bay Alliance of Professional Women four years ago and I am very excited to be a part of this group. This is a great opportunity for business and networking, giving support to each other with resources and referrals, meeting new friends and attending fun events together.” -Tatjana Janga, Primerica

I LOVE how ORGANIZED and well RUN the meetings are. Time WELL spent!  -Cinder Ernst

NAPW is a strong organization for women who not only supports women, but the COMMUNITY by donating 12 ½ % of their proceeds to local NON-PROFITS voted on by their members. -Kathleen Coghlan, Coghlan Accounting

NAPW is a place where women can come to meet with other successful women to connect over common ground and interests. I am so HAPPY I found this group! -Anonymous

Supported and welcomed by many lovely ladies! Learning about women in business.- Anonymous

Great Networking and connections. Friendly and down to Earth! -Diana Morgan

NAPW has helped me to grow my business and my leadership skills as a member of the board. I highly recommend being involved! -Jennifer Kruss, Primerica

As a founding member of NAPW, I can say the ladies are great supporters of women in business. Join us for a magical experience! -Anonymous

I enjoy attending NAPW meetings and events because I learn from the opportunities to network and how that has helped me to grow my business. -Eshawn Zuniga, ZUNCO

NAPW provides a great arena to reach great business’s owned by great women. -Cheri Cybulski

NAPW is a warm supportive community of business women who want to make a difference in the lives of people they serve and who support the members too. I am grateful to be part of this organization. WE rock! -Imee Birket, Isegenix

I have been given opportunities for friendship, growth, business referrals and opportunities to build my self -confidence skills by interaction and networking which has led to empowerment! -Anonymous

NAPW has been a wonderful format to connect with other women in business in a deep way. I have learned so much which has helped me with navigating the opportunities and pitfalls. It is a kind environment here in Sonoma County. Thank you! -Dawn Dolan, Rejuvenation and Well Being

NAPW has helped me get and feel comfortable coming out of my shy shell. Very empowering organization. -Janet Briscoe-Smith

NAPW is gentle networking with attitudes of service and generosity. Motivating individuals to share, participate and be amongst. Peers in business. Fun events, Fun parties, and Fun people! -Thea Daniels

NAPW is an awesome group of women who are very supportive. They encourage collaboration with each other. The speakers are members who provide interesting and useful information. I am so grateful to be a member of NAPW! -Barbara Franklin

I love being involved in NAPW. The women provide a loving, positive, motivating atmosphere that encourages SUCCESS! -Betsy Butler

I am grateful that NAPW supports older women entrepreneurs, like myself, as well as raises funds to donate to local non-profits. NAPW makes a contribution to our community with their support! -Terri Moon